All-Star Evaluations

All-Star tryouts are this Sunday April 15th and April 22nd. We recommend coming to both tryouts so that the better score of the two days can be used. But if you can’t make both for some reason that is fine.
The forecast is calling for 100% chance of rain for Sunday. If that is the case we will move our tryouts indoors at Georgia Octane where we had evals at the beginning of the season.  I will send out an email Saturday afternoon if they will be moved to Octane.
Georgia Octane
*Age group determined by how old player is Prior to May 1st of this year.
Outdoor Schedule
6u – 3-5pm CP8 
7u – 1-3pm CP3
8u – 1-3pm CP2
9/10u – 3-5pm CP3
11/12u – 3-5pm CP1
13/14u – 1-3pm BP5 (this tryout will be at Bennett Park)
Alternate Schedule – Georgia Octane(in case of rain)
6u, 7u 11:30-1:00pm
8u 3-4:15pm
9/10u 4:15-5:30
11/12u 5:30-6:30pm
13/14u 6:30pm – 7:30pm
1. What is the commitment?
You will play 4 to 5 local weekend tournaments over the summer. (See schedule below). You will have practice on Sundays until end of rec season and then you may have a couple practices during the week.
2. Can I still take a vacation?
Sure! The team will have 12 to 13 players on it. Just work it out with your coach beforehand so he is aware.
3. Cost
About ~$150 per player, which is about the cost of REC, depending on if you play more or less tournaments and how much the uniforms cost for your team.