CPAA Bylaws

(updated 01/11/2019)

Title – The name of the organization shall be called Central Park Athletic Association, and hereinafter referred to as “CPAA”.

General Purpose of CPAA – The purpose of CPAA is to provide recreational sports activities for fun and enjoyment for the youth participants of the community.

The Major emphasis of this organization is to:

• Provide youth an opportunity for fun and enjoyment through sports activities.
• To provide the teaching of fundamental skills and techniques of sports programs.
• To provide a program for physical fitness and to teach good sportsmanship.

These programs will always promote safety first. CPAA will provide for the welfare of the community and allow for each individual to better acquaint themselves with each other within the community. CPAA will ensure these by-laws and doctrines are upheld.

Any Person that has a child playing at Central Park baseball or softball who is willing to uphold its basic principles and by-laws may become a member upon payment of dues. If a board member that has served for three (3) years or more and no longer has a child participating in either baseball or softball, can remain apart of the board as a non-voting member.
If a person resides on another athletic board in Forsyth County or neighboring county and wishes to become a member of CPAA cannot do so. Annual dues may be established each year, determined by a majority vote of the elected officers not to exceed Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per family member. A record of membership dues shall be kept by the treasurer. Enrollment of members shall be kept by the secretary.

Additional members may be accepted at any time. Annual dues will be paid by members at registration each year. A fund will be set up out of the organization treasury to assist those families who may be indigent or cannot at the time pay for registration fees. Each case will be reviewed and decided by the elected by the Board of Directors.

Board of Officers:

Only paid members who reside in Forsyth County shall be eligible to participate in its elective or appointed positions.

Governing Body – CPAA is established as a non-profit organization in Forsyth County and will operate a such. CPAA will be self supportive. All excessive funds will remain in the treasury for the next calendar year. 

New members to the CPAA board of Directors must serve on the board for 1 year after board elections to be eligible for executives roles that include President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. 

The Governing Body will be made up of the following:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Baseball Commissioner
  • Softball Commissioner
  • Travel Baseball Director
  • Fundraising/Marketing Director
  • Director 5-6
  • Director 7-8
  • Director 9-10
  • Director 11-12
  • Director 13+
  • Equipment Director

(note: the board reserves the right create positions based on need)

The Governing Body will be elected by nomination and a majority vote during the annual meeting in October. Results will be compiled by the Treasurer and Secretary and will be announced at the October meeting. Each officer will be elected for a one year term. Their duties will commence the following October meeting and all materials, records and other relevant articles shall be delivered to the new officers. Two-thirds (2/3) of the Board of Officers shall be present to officially conduct transactions at any called Officers meeting Two-thirds (2/3) vote by officers will constitute the majority vote and passage of any transaction. When an unforeseen vacancy on the Board occurs has been determined or when a vacant position deemed necessary has been determined, a special election can be called by the executive board of directors. A special election can only be called once after general elections have been decided. If, after the special election has already been held, a board member is dismissed or resigns, another special election may be called by the executive board to fill the empty position.

All officers of CPAA shall attempt to be at all registrations for baseball/softball, collect dues and hand out current information. The officers must serve on a By-Laws Committee. They must attempt to attend all meetings. The Officers must be present at meetings called for the DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS FOR COACHES. They must appoint all committees and committee chairpersons.

President – The President shall be the executive officer of CPAA and shall conduct all CPAA affairs. He/She shall organize the elections. The President will be in charge of planning and holding the business meeting at the end of the year for the purpose of electing new officers for the coming year. The President shall conduct day to day activities; however, any expenditure over Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) shall require approval of club officers.

Vice President – The Vice President will assume the duties of the President when the President in unavailable. He/She will assist the president whenever necessary.
Secretary – At CPAA meetings, he/she shall record all votes and minutes of all proceedings in permanent books to be kept for that purpose. He/She shall perform like services for committees when required. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining enrollment records.

Treasurer – He/She will have charge of and be responsible for all funds, receipts and disbursements of CPAA. He/She will prepare a cash flow statement of income and expense transactions and cash balance monthly to become a part of the permanent records.

Baseball and Softball Commissioners – He/She will supervise all registrations, recreational tryouts, player selection processes, and draft processes. Ability to all player trades along with the President and Vice President. Will be responsible for team assignment for all players who register late or do not participate in the player evaluations. The Commissioner shall inform all team managers of the minimum playing time requirements at the beginning of the season. The Commissioner will also be responsible to enforce the minimum playing time requirements throughout the season. Oversee coaching applications from all perspective Team Managers and insure that all Managers and Assistant Coaches go through background

Directors – He/She will be an Officer for Baseball/Softball. Must attend all meetings. Must strive to see that all by-laws are enforced. Must handle all complaints by the procedures of the by-laws. Must oversee preparation of all rosters and giving them to coaches. Collect all birth certificates and turn them into the Board.

Removal from Office – Any of the elected officers of CPAA may be removed from office for failure to perform the duties of his/her office as outlined in the above sections. Removal from office shall be by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Officers. A Five day notice of such vote shall be given by the Board of Officers. An election to fill the unexpired term shall be held within 30 days.

• Each coach must select at lease one assistant coach. The assistant coach will assume the coaching duties if the coach can not continue his/her duties or in case of suspension.
• Coaches must read the current regulations before he/she is authorized to begin practice.
• Coaches are to provide players with an opportunity for fun and enjoyment through baseball/softball.
• Coaches are to teach players skill and techniques.
• Coaches are to practice and teach good sportsmanship and physical fitness.
• Coaches are to see that each player plays in the game.
• Coaches will have the sole responsibility of determining the manner of methods of coaching the team.
• Coaches are to discipline the players of the team for the best interest of the team.
• Coaches are to see that rosters are completed and returned to the Directors one week prior to the first game.
• Coaches must see that all equipment is turned in clean and see that the Directors have an inventory list of all equipment.
• The head coach is responsible for the actions of assistant coaches.
Note: CPAA reserves the right to suspend or remove any coach if the rules are not followed.

Recreational, Travel, Premier and All Star coaches will be determined as follows:

A. Experience and tenure with specific age group you are applying for

B. Feedback from parent surveys

C. The final process will consist of an Interview by a committee, which consists of 3 to 5 individuals (President, Commissioner, and an Age Group Director outside of their responsible age group)

• CPAA reserves the right to remove Travel coaches in the best interest of the Central Park Baseball and Softball program.

• The CPAA president has final say on the selection of coaches for all levels of play in the Rec and Travel programs.

All complaints must be received by the Officers in writing. Complaints are to be discussed with Directors and/or Officers. A Director or Officer has 48 hours to set up a closed meeting including all Directors, Officers and coaches of CPAA. This committee shall decide if the coach involved is guilty or not. If the coach is found guilty, the committee will decide on suspension of removal from his/her position. All decisions of the Committee will be determined by a two-thirds vote and their decision will be final. Following the findings of two complaints will result in suspension for the season of the coach. A coach suspended will not be allowed to give out trophies or awards. The offenses that will not be tolerated are:

Any abusive or obscene language or gestures by the coaching staff on the playing field.
Any unsportsmanlike conduct by players, coaches, Directors, or spectators.
Drinking or under the influence will be an automatic suspension and probable removal.

CPAA representatives, coaches, managers, supervisory personnel, parents, and spectators will participate at their own risk. CPAA will not be responsible for injury to persons described above or damage to property.