Bulldog FAQs

Bulldogs FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. How much is registration? Cost for baseball and softball is $155 per child, $10 off for multiple children from the same household. CPAA reserves the right to charge a 5% fee if paying by credit card. 100% of the the registration fees go into paying uniforms, equipment, pre-season tournament games, umpires, Forsyth County bills and maintenance.
  2. How is scheduling determined? The schedule for each team within each league is created and managed by Forsyth County Park and Rec. We, as an association, do not schedule the game nor the rain out make ups. In addition, the county also is responsible for the scheduling of practices with the input from the CPAA Board of Directors. ALL coaches are responsible for scheduling practices with the County Coordinator once the season starts.
  3. Do coaches go through any evaluation? All head coaches go through an end-of-season evaluation through the board of directors and review input from parents and surveys. Feedback is provided on a regular basis to the coaches.
  4. Are coaches certified? There is no official certification through Forsyth county, however all Central baseball and softball head coaches are required to go through a mandatory clinic that is instructed by a former professional baseball player. We also pay for all Rec coaches to become certified by Baseball University receiving their University certifications. Softball Rec coaches go through USA Softball’s Ace Certification program. The “certified” clinic focuses on the fundamentals of the game as well as how to work with children. In addition, all head and assistant coaches are required to go through background checks. If a coach is having issues communicating with the children and/or parents, please notify your Age Group Director listed under the “Board of Directors” section. CPAA’s website has been updated recently to provide instructional videos and documents on tips, drills, and instructions to help with the fundamentals of baseball and softball.
  5. How are capital improvements decided upon? CPAA is constantly reviewing projects that can enhance the park experience. None of the projects can be implemented without the help of the parents and corporate sponsors. Please review the “Document” section of the webpage to become a CPAA sponsor.
  6. What age group(s) does baseball kid’s pitch start and how is it determined? Kid’s pitch starts at age 8 where they can throw 3 pitches and 2 from the coach. Full kid’s pitch begins at age 9. CPAA does not determine at which age boys can start pitching as this is a county rule (see rule book under the “Document” section.
  7. How are baseball and softball teams selected in the spring? CPAA determines when tryouts will occur (see the “Timeline” section of the webpage). After tryouts, all head coaches will meet with a Forsyth County official and draft players. The official is present during the entire draft to ensure it is conducted fairly and that the Forsyth County rules are followed. Only 2 players from each team are guaranteed, the head coach and one assistant coach.
  8. How are All Stars selected? CPAA works with other local parks to combine All Stars with the intention of putting the best ball players on the field. All age groups go through tryouts and evaluation forms are used to help select the elite players. Coaches review criteria such as batting, throwing, pitching, speed and base running. Head coaches do their very best when selecting players, however there is no perfect science when creating All Star teams. CPAA and the other local parks make every effort to keep the process fair.
  9. Does Central have a Premier baseball team and what does that mean? Central Park participates in the county’s 8 year Premier baseball league. Premier is in essence an All Star team of the best 8 year olds from the Central Park that play other Forsyth county Premier teams during the regular season. Premier teams are allowed to play in tournaments, but are not eligible for All Stars after the regular season ends. One of the Premier goals is to help transition the elite players into travel baseball which starts at age 9.
  10. How can my son or daughter play travel baseball or softball? Coaches often post ads in the Forsyth County News or on messages boards recruiting players for tryouts. Although travel teams play out of Central Park, they are also independent in the sense that Rec rules do not apply.
  11. How is practice time determined? All head coaches must work with their County Park Coordinator when scheduling practices. Practices are generally on a first come first serve basis. The county mandates that practices last one hour since field space is limited throughout the county. If three or more practices are needed in one week, the head coach can request additional practice time through the County Coordinator.
  12. Can Central Park add more parking? All parks within Forsyth county are owned and operated by the county. CPAA does not manage the parking situation and those questions should be directed to county officials.
  13. What role does CPAA play with Forsyth County Parks and Rec? CPAA is a booster club that manages Spring and Summer baseball for the county. Fall baseball and softball is strictly managed by the county. CPAA works very hard with the county to provide a quality experience with the children and parents. We do our very best to abide by this principle and yes mistakes are made, although we are always willing to listen to constructive feedback.
  14. What age group do players go through an evaluation? 6 and up. Children 5 years of age will not participate in an evaluation and will be assigned to a team.
  15. When does the Fall and Spring seasons start? Fall practice usually begins in August each year, while Spring practice starts in March.
  16. What equipment should I expect to supply for my son or daughter? Gloves, batting gloves, bats if you so choose, and baseball/softball cleats (non-metal for most levels and protective cup for boys).
  17. Does CPAA provide trophies? No, each coach is responsible for ordering trophies, however CPAA does receive deep discounts with local trophy companies. Update as of Jan 1, 2013. We are reviewing this policy and working on a vendor to provide trophies which CPAA will make a significant contribution.
  18. How many games should my son or daughter expect to play? During the Spring season, CPAA participates in the county preseason tournament, which is 3 games. The regular season consists of 10 games and then all teams will play in the post season tournament. The post season tournament is double elimination, therefore your son or daughter will play a minimum of 15 games. Fall baseball and softball play a total of 8 games.
  19. What pieces of the uniform are provided? CPAA provides uniform pants, jerseys, belts, caps and socks. Parents will need to provide helmets due to health concerns.
  20. What if my child cannot make Rec skill evaluation day? Skill evaluations are necessary so that talent can be distributed as evenly as possible among the teams. It is very important that all players be evaluated. We would rather have a player attend for a portion of their session than not come at all. However, if your son or daughter still cannot make the evaluation, they will be selected through a “hat pick” process.
  21. What is Travel baseball and softball? Travel is considered by its design as a higher level of competition, compared to what your traditional, recreational leagues provide. The mission of the CPAA Travel Program is to provide a competitive experience for players wanting to continue their pursuit of baseball or softball at a higher level. The program strives to develop a sound and healthy attitude toward sportsmanship, leadership and competition and to create and promote team spirit. Improving playing skills and physical conditioning are also a priority.