Field Status

Forsyth County Baseball and Softball

Field Status Update Service – Join StatusMe

Tired of trying to call the rain out line to check on field status when there is inclement weather? Now you don’t have too…

This season, when the county closes fields, in addition to the rain out line, they will use a website to communicate current field status information. As the field status changes, it will be updated instantly. For members who have joined the StatusMe network, members are alerted instantly both via emails and cellular text messages (charges may apply from your cell phone provider).

The best part is that it’s FREE to join the network.

Club members can receive instant electronic communications (email and/or cellular text messaging) when the field status changes (i.e. Opened or Closed) for their selected clubs. Members no longer have to constantly check club websites and weather hotlines for the latest information. Information comes to them when it changes.

Joining is simple following these instructions…………….

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “join now” button to register as a new user
  3. Enter the required information and click on the register button
  4. Follow the instructions in step 1 to set up your text messaging and email
  5. Follow the instructions in step 2 to join a club – the club you want to select from the list is Forsyth County Baseball/Softball. Once selected, click the submit button
  6. Once submitted, click on the “next” button at the top of the page
  7. Lastly, you’ll need to join the club for Baseball Fields by clicking the “join” link in the section titled “Your clubs”
  8. Click on “done” at the top of the page
  9. You’ll now receive the type of notice(s) that you selected when the field status changes

Please note that because many of the age groups play or practice at more than one park, we did not set up the notices to be delivered by individual park. Otherwise, parents would have had to join a club for each park in order to get the field status for parks other than their home park. By having one notice, we can cover all fields at all parks with one notice.